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Daveville Citizen Biographies

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DAVE J.--President
For now, Dave's bio consists of cobwebs and a sign that says "Out to Lunch...Dinner and a Nap". Thus, he enjoys long walks on the beach, foxes, and Halo: The Man Mind Melter. And he's a bear, and European. The End.


Megan Kimberley Roberts

Location:  Hell...well...kind between home and E-Town....yea...for right now, I'm gonna go with Jersey (represent!)

DOB: April, 29, 1986....just like Uma Thurmon (why don't I have a body like that?)

Age:  subtract it Einstein!

Current Activities: let's just say:  I love me some bear, I sleep with the fishes (well, next to them), theatre rocks my socks, and I am the proud bearer of magical hips...yea...that's right...magical.

Favorite word: "Verbum"

Favorite food: well, that used to be salad...thank you E-Town, now...I don't really know, but cheese anyone?

Kernel of truth to tell all others: "Penguins may be cute, but they bite like hell."

Current book: The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

Current CD: i of the 90 i got for Christmas...probably, High Holy Days

Any other facts?: Meh, go to or my photobucket site, also named OneSourSong...happy fighting off the conservatives!!



Dan Dan, the Mountain Man
Dan is an Etown Student who used to be in Mikey
Sev's Seminar with Megan Ro and Laura. He began
the semester as a clean shaven student, but
progressed into a gruffy duck luving freak. He came
to Daveville via the water directly, and lives
underwater or in the trees. His favorite item is his


ANDY...another empty bio...He's British. He likes tea cups.


Who doesn't like his nice window sayings. He enjoys the indoors, Afghanistan goats, and Pirate booty.
The End


The Late Nick
Nick was Dave's tool of a roommate. He died in a plane crash on the way to Daveville because he wasn't driving but counting his money....because he's a tool. He, instead of dying and going to pergatory or something, decided to stay in Daveville as a ghost. He is not well liked, and lives in a cave. THE END.

George W. Bush
An ass. He doesn't deserve a picture. Or a bio.


DAVE BURNS--Vice President

Dave's bio consists of a small gnome raking the grass over and over and over and over again in hopes of his return.
  Thus, once again, he enjoys fire and burning things, communism, Guen, Jesus wafers, and long weekends in a small self constructed tent made of sticks and palm leaves, and KILTS, and THE FRENCH.  The END.

The ammended text from VP Dave himself:
Names: David M. Burns Jr., Druid Dave, Oakwise, St. Baanzu Tenshin the Bodhisattva of Fire, Little Chief Fighting Oak
Current Location: Collegeville, PA/Daveville
Hobbies: Fire, Camping, Vexillology, Reading, Philosophy, Religion, Playing Scare the Ursinus drunks, Wandering…
Interests: Guenevere
Age: Ancient
Favorite Books: The Mists of Avalon, Stranger in a Strange Land
Favorite Pope: Pope John XXIII
Favorite US President: T. R.
Words of Wisdom:  Tomato, God is a half eaten banana.  RESPAWN!


Guenevere Tricia Eckert
Aliases: Lady of the Creek, Guenifer, Sally Seaweed.
Current Location: The Frozen Tundra
Hobbies: Dancing on the lecture hall desks in Silver platform shoes, Creek parties, Reading, Drinking tea, dancing, Swashing and Buckling, speaking with a British accent, Flame throwers, Getting Dressed up, putting on her wings and flying around...just to show off, French.
Least Favorite Word: Woot.
Favorite Tasty Snack: Brownie mix ON Cold Pizza and Sparkling Apple Cider.
Song you Rock out to in the car alone: ZIggy Stardust- David Bowie
Age: Ageless.
Catchphrase: 'Everything that's not down!' (in response to 'what's up?'), QUOI???
Favorite Daveville Moment: When everyone got drunk and put Dave in a dress, Being the Corn Goddess at Thanksgiving.
Any other information you wish to include: I vote Rachel! Currently dating vice president Dave, cause of most of the unexplained mischief caused when everyone else gets hammered.


Laura Elaine Craft

Current Location: Spare Room Upstairs, Craft House, Horsham, Pennsylvania, USA, Below Canada, Above Mexico, Earth, Milky Way, Universe.

Hobbies: Carving Purple Flaming Dildos with two rotating heads out of plastic, Not being the tomb raider, sleeping, taters, long walks around the etown campus, cupfingerow, elf cuddling, wrestling in puddin', shooting things with invisible arrows, movie nights, writing and drawing stick figures. 

Least Favorite Word: shmegma

Favorite Tasty Snack: taters....precious

Song you Rock out to in the car alone: Spice Girls-Say You'll Be There

Age: 6744 days old

Catchphrase: A brawl, a brawl, my kingdom for a brawl! or a bra...

Favorite Daveville Moment: Kegger


Megan Verity Rees 
(Megan Verity means great truth)

Current Location: The Rocks right outside of Pixburgh

Hobbies: sleeping a lot, fondling Laura's boobs, killing insects, hurting
ghosts, eating food that isn't from Etown's cafe, watching porn, making out with
pretty pretty boys and girls

Least Favorite Word: cucumber

Favorite Tasty Snack: spaghetti or tacos

Song you Rock out to in the car alone: Any song that I know that is on the
radio or whatever im listening to

Age: 18 years going on to 19 years
Catchphrase: Word
Favorite Daveville Moment: When I kicked nick in his metaphysical translucent


Bob the Squirrel
Bob is a happy squirrel. He loves nuts, weather
vanes, Wendy's smoothies, and bagels.  

Daveville is the product of demented and ambitious minds. Its creation in the year 2004 was an unexpected surprise, and as it grows each day, I become more proud to be a Davevillean. Insert motto here.