To Daveville We Go!

Daveville 2

Daveville 2
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So much to do, so much to think about...

The Voyage

I have depicted a drawing of the voyage to Daveville 2--which is located somewhere in the British Isles...
As you will see later on, not everyone made it to Daveville 2.

The original..where it all started.

Why we came to Daveville 2...

Political Refuge
Peace and Quiet
Better for Drunken Stupors and Quiet Reading
Private Villas (to be constructed)
Baw chica Bow Wow


The Mysterious Disappearing Episode
If you read carefully, you will notice that there is no Daveville #6. Although it has been created, it is very rare and may never see the light of day.

Daveville is the product of demented and ambitious minds. Its creation in the year 2004 was an unexpected surprise, and as it grows each day, I become more proud to be a Davevillean. Insert motto here.