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Tea Time

Lyrics by Megan Roberts


Laura Craft


I shall surely bust a cap in your ass, after teatime. Teatime

I will beat your arse raw in the loo, after teatime. Teatime

I will traffic drugs out of my flat, after teatime. Teatime.

And you know when you see me roll by in my low rider Double Decker Bus...

That its teatime. Teatime.


Bitch call my mobile when Im out with my mates.

I say “‘ello hoe

I need mo money in mah drawez,

Now Im flashing  20 quid down the street

Bustin out my rhymes like its fish n chips.


That was flippin brilliant! Pip Pip Cherrio, bitches!

Daveville is the product of demented and ambitious minds. Its creation in the year 2004 was an unexpected surprise, and as it grows each day, I become more proud to be a Davevillean. Insert motto here.